Używane ubrania z drugiej ręki 25 KG Hurtownia damska Rynek w Wielkiej Brytanii Klasa A Cały sezon 3.50 £ za kilogram - Everytopbrand.com

(WA_A) Hurtownia odzieży używanej Odzież damska rynek brytyjski klasy A przez cały sezon od 3.25 GBP za kg

Normalna cena £ 45.00 £ 0.00
Wysyłka Obliczona w kasie.

Parcels will consist of mostly the UK high street famous brands, labels can include: H&M, New look, Atmosphere, TU, Matalan, George, F&F, Peacocks, Gałka muszkatołowa, i wiele innych znanych marek w Wielkiej Brytanii, z kilkoma markami ogólnymi.

Our grade A clothing is all carefully folded and hand checked dwa razy by our top warehouse team led by Nicky & Steph who take lots of pride in ensuring you will be happy with your goods.

Uwaga: Twoja przesyłka będzie zawierała ubrania, które można nosić we wszystkich / w ogóle seasons. Trends and sizing will vary, please be open minded as the stock is not aimed at any particular age group or fashion trend. Most items are less than £1 per garment!

Grade A consist of re-wearable items which should not have any holes, marks, bobbles, much visible wear-and-tear in the majority of cases. However, occasionally a small percentage of B Grade items will slip through the checking stage due to human error. Pictures shown are only a representative of what you may receive. Please note: You are purchasing second-hand clothes (NOT NEW)

Example images and videos can be seen in our galleries. 

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